Yesterday’s results:

  • Ruby Cottage – 2nd
  • Tangled – nowhere, Jackhammer – 1st (9/1)
  • Gometra Ginty – 1st (4/1)
  • Alcazan – 3rd (placed at 9/1), Luckyboylovelywife – nowhere

Winners among them once more. Turning out to be rather a good week.

Today’s a different kind of a day, with lots to chew on and many alternatives to what you might think are the right horses.

I’ll give you an example. 4:55 and Didtheyleaveyouotto is a weird name for sure, and one who comes out well on stats, official ratings movement and form. He tops the ratings but he is almost exactly the same in terms of numbers as Calvinist who is 2nd rated and potentially better value. So hard to split them, but Calvinist appears to be heading in the right direction and may turn out to be the better bet. Or, of course, the best bet may be no bet at all.

7:00 at Hamilton and some place money potentially on Mokaman who is 5/1 right now and improved significantly at Ripon last time out. This is a seller, so many of these horses have gone backwards in terms of ratings – the amount of red on the racecard makes me feel a bit queasy to be honest. Anyway, that said, ours is 4th-rated and the only concern is that he was wearing blinkers last time which may have helped. He’s won without them, but the upturn in form may or may not have been linked to the blinkers. We’ll see. 

And Nikkis Girl in the 6:45 at Leicester is a horse that may top many ratings or come close to top in many ratings, and comes at a short-ish but appealing price of 5/2. It’s not clear-cut, though, and this is one of the reasons I’m so hesitant about today’s selections in general – there are others with good records and there is evidence that she’s performed better in different conditions. However, form is form and she’s out there on top in every race compared to the rest. Perhaps she’s just better than them, regardless?

Anyway, I’ll leave the rest up to you today.