Morning all – no preview yesterday as I was back up on Merseyside for an afternoon of utter doom-laden misery. Should have been watching the Clarence House, it seems.

Anyway, we’ve had rather a good week all things said. The strong selections yesterday were very much your friend with some nice placeable opportunities coming in 2nd and 3/12 winners. Today, Sunday being what it is, you have to treat with caution, but let’s have a go anyway.

Your only five-star selection is 1/3 in the market right now – Allaho in the 3:15 at Thurles, so it’s a case of who will come 2nd, and Fakir d’Oudaries is always the most likely, and the most consistent. He’s just not what everyone thought he might be, whereas we’re not yet at that stage with Allaho. However, your 1-2 is probably those two.

In the 1:50 at Lingers, Favoir favours heavy ground, and there isn’t much statistical evidence to prove that War Lord likes it or not. Either way, you’ll get more value out of this selection than the favourite War Lord, and while Favoir’s form numbers are a cut below those of the favourite, the statistics are in his favour. 

Now, in the 3:35, you may want to take a punt on the 18/1 flop Little Red Lion, and that would perhaps be because of historic ability that may – at some point – return. You could forgive him not travelling on reappearance after 292 days away from the track – frankly, I’d be the same. His love of heavy ground (3 from 7) and his overall record with Fergus Gillard of 4 wins from 8 starts are two things in his favour, and at this price, you could back him for his next three races and perhaps come out profitable. A long shot that he’ll return to form, but he had ability.

Good luck with it all – back tomorrow.