Yesterday’s results:

  • Texas Man – 1st, Silkie Wilkie – 2nd, Firebomb – 4th
  • Arpina – 2nd (placeable just about)
  • Venetian – 2nd
  • Grantley Hall – 1st

Crikey. A good day, that.

OK, so those of you on the 14-day free trial (no card required) will have noticed many pages inaccessible. If you’ve been trying and failing to get access, let me know and I’ll extend your free trial. My own development inadequacy has let you down.

Onwards, then. What have we? Lots of jumps. Yikes.

Nicky Henderson’s Chasamax had a good time last time out and that was after a poor reappearance, so you can forgive the 2LR and look at the 100+ LR rating that makes him the TFS (Top + Form + Suited) selection for this race, and deservedly so. A price of 3/1 where several horses have claims is maybe a little tight, but he’s the form horse and if he can replicate anything like last time out, he’ll be in the mix. That’s the 3:05 at Worcester, btw.

Highwaygrey is perhaps one of your better bets of the day in the 4:15 at Pontefract. He’s been a bit naff of late, but the reason for that is that he has not been racing at Pontefract. His mark has been falling considerably as a result, so if you’re taking the 4/1 on offer it’s because you’re hoping that the return to Pontefract will inspire some of the form that got him four wins from eight, albeit mostly in 2020. There is a handy place bet further down the field in the 14/1 shot Bollin Margaret. She was improving before she went to York where she’s crap, and this particular race should be run more to her liking. 

And at 6:45, why not try Corinthia Knight – who may be well down the ratings but has a 4 from 5 record at Pontefract. Our speed ratings picked out Texas Man at 6/1 yesterday, and they pick out Corinthia today. He’s just won over C&D and his rise in the weights is offset by a claimer today, so he’s great value at 4/1 even though it’s a quite big field. 

Over to you for the rest, I’m taking the boy to the T20 cricket today so we’ll see if he lasts beyond the first over before shouting Dad I’m Bored.

He’s 28. He’s an embarrassment.

(he’s not really)