Hello. If you’re wondering whether to sign up for RTH, then this post is for you. There is a lot of data on this website, and if you love playing with excel, then our daily spreadsheet is definitely for you. There’s a post all about how to use the spreadsheet with some helpful videos, and that’s perhaps a great place to start.

But it’s not all about excel. Here’s what else you get:

Proven systems

Every day, we give you a shortlist of horses to start with, using our systems. These are ratings systems, so they’re not based on things that can fluctuate from year-to-year such as trainers and jockeys – they’re based on the performance of our ratings and the algorithms within, which have remained more or less unchanged.

So JOTRASU2.5 gives you horses that have high jockey, trainer and suitability ratings – while SPEJOTRA focuses on speed, jockey and trainer ratings. SUITPLACE looks for horses that come in at a good price with high suitability to today’s race, while JOSUITRANH is purely for National Hunt.

All of them have proven to be profitable over a 3-year period, and we can provide the excel sheets with our workings.

The systems are intended to give you a head start on the day’s racing. Sometimes, you look at the cards and the spreadsheets and feel overwhelmed. These are our strongest picks.

Interactive Racecards

These are really cool, if I say so myself. Every race is now pulled into a racecard with all of our ratings available for you to sort. When you have tricky handicaps, this can be really helpful as you can sort every column to see which horses rank well in speed, jockey, trainer, stallion, suitability, etc. as well as all of the last 3 races.

You also have our picks within the racecard, as well as our record at the track for each of the individual ratings, and some notable statistics such as C&D record, horse + jockey record, etc. There is a wealth of information here for you to make more educated decisions about each race.

You also have a simple view which boils the data right down to a few stars to give you an indication of which ones to look at, quickly.

Stallion Ratings

Finding it hard to pick unraced horses in maidens during the summer? Not us.

I created the stallion rating so that you could see which horses were well-bred, when there was no form to read. There’s a stallion analysis page on the site too, so that you can see an adjusted total according to how well supported the horse is. A good jockey & trainer rating helps a lot – so read our guide on how to pick stallion winners too.

Online Data Sorting

You can now also look at the data online and carry out searches on the daily database. If you want to find selections that are supported by high jockey and trainer ratings, you can – just type in *** and all of the three-star and above selections will appear, as if by magic.

You can then sort them by Last Race form numbers, or anything you like. And you can export this data to excel as well.

There’s tonnes of analysis as well, to help you go further into the ratings – so you can look more at speed ratings, as well as using our Form Analysis score which gives you a quick way of finding horses who are consistently top of the form ratings.

Regular analysis

I regularly post analysis on the website – whether it be a weekend preview email or some kind of insight into how you should be making selections. I’m always available by email too, for subscribers who want a bit more information, and if you’re a paid member I can build you a quick webpage that shows the data you want to see every day. Just ask!

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