We’ve updated our racecards! That means that there’s a lot of extra data on there for you to use, as well as the ability to highlight horses so that you can create your shortlist of contenders for each race.

Here’s a video that shows you how to run through the data, sort it and select:

I hope that video made some kind of sense. If not, let’s distill it into some words:

The racecards are available every day around 5pm for the next day, and on it you can see the following data:

  • Horse Form – Last Race Rating (LR), 2nd Last Race (2LR) and 3rd Last Race (3LR)
  • Speed ratings
  • Jockey & Trainer ratings
  • Stallion ratings (great for 2-year-olds on the flat)
  • Suitability ratings

And now you’ve got some extra data

  • ORvLR – this is the horse’s movement in the official ratings since it last ran
  • ORvLW – this is the horse’s movement in the official ratings since it last won (obviously -1 means the horse is 1lb below its last winning weight)
  • RTB = Reasons To Back – you’ll find our Reasons To Back page under the Systems dropdown, and this is the number of positives about a horse
  • RTL = Reasons To Lay – as above, but the number of negatives about a horse
  • Diff = The difference bewteen RTB and RTL (RTB minus RTL)
  • VDW = Van Der Wheil score – this is the earnings of a horse divided by the number of runs of that horse (divided by 100 again to keep it simple)
  • RS = Rankscore – a bespoke score that gives 1 point for every rating a horse tops (speed, LR, 2LR, jockey, etc.), down to 0.5 points when it’s halfway down the ratings and 0 points when it’s right at the bottom. A rankscore of 6+ is good, and implies that the horse is well-rated across all individual ratings.
  • Total = the total rating for that horse

PLUS, now you can tick a checkbox against a horse’s name so that you can always see it when you rearrange the filters.

You also have green and red indicators of a horse’s record in these conditions, so you’ll find things like Going, C&D, Distance, Dir (Direction) as well as an indicator for Progression.

These can be in green and red depending on whether the record is good or bad.

My advice on how to use these racecards?

  • Take the top 3 in fields of 8-12 horses, the top 2 in anything lese and top 4 in anything more, and highlight them
  • Then sort by the individual ratings such as speed (in sprints), jockey, trainer, rankscore, etc. and if a horse seems to fall down in those ratings, untick.
  • Sort by Rankscore as well, as this gives you a different picture sometimes, and look for horses with 6+, if you can get them 7+
  • Sort by the Difference between RTB and RTL, too – anything above 2 is good, anything above 5 is very, very good

Let me know in the comments below if you have any problems or if you like them or if you hate them (I’m open to comments, basically). I can also walk you through different features with another video if you like.