Morning all! 

Yesterday’s results:

  • Cogital – 5th, Steel an Icon – dismounted???
  • Lezardieux – 1st (placed @ 17/2)
  • Sarah’s Verse – nowhere
  • Stylish Performer – 1st – Extrodinaire – nowhere

Well, well. Couple of decent-odds winners yesterday, and I’m going to start with a notebook selection at 20/1. Arab Moon got proper kicked by another horse before his last race, and I don’t know about you but I’d have been put off a little. As a result, he rode his hurdles debut like he’d never seen a hurdle before. I say “as a result”, I don’t know, I’m putting two and two together and getting five. He does have top jockey, he comes from a good yard, that WAS his first race for three years, and he could adapt to hurdles if his jockey/trainer combo work as they often do. He runs in the 4:35 at Worcester and he’s worth keeping an eye on.

In the 4;15 at Thirsk, do have a look at Rum Runner who has been progressing in the form ratings while being knocked down the weights. He’s 3lb lower than his last win and 1lb lower than when he placed at Ripon last time out. So with all of those things colliding, it does imply that he’s got every chance of another place today if you can get anything longer than 2.5 on the exchanges for the place. He’s around 6/1 for the win right now and fourth-rated, but the arc of form looks handy.

And at 3:25, that old adage of waiting a couple of races before backing a horse who has had wind surgery may come into play as Annual Review comes back for his second race after his op. That first race? A much improved fourth place, showing signs that the wind surgery has improved his stamina AND that was after a long time out. So, second time around? He’ll find it hard against Fifrelet, but place money if you can get decent money, and also – notebook.