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Official Ratings List

These horses are below their last winning weight, and are well-rated (rankscore above five).

Official Ratings – Form View

BlackcurrentBeverley01:40 PM5.500.00-6.0080.00%40.00%80.00%16.73%107.01%
Tom TulliverBeverley01:40 PM5.500.00-14.0060.00%60.00%90.00%5.73%32.55%
Headingley (IRE)Beverley03:10 PM16.00-11.00-8.0080.00%100.00%70.00%28.24%35.03%
Reputation (IRE)Beverley03:10 PM10.00-1.00-14.0040.00%10.00%90.00%-23.99%153.23%
Bit Of A QuirkeBeverley04:48 PM6.001.00-2.00100.00%50.00%100.00%102.55%305.51%
Jackamundo (FR)Beverley04:48 PM12.00-2.00-20.0050.00%8.33%66.67%12.71%56.10%
StraitouttacomptonBeverley04:48 PM16.00-2.00-11.0041.67%33.33%50.00%20.24%37.18%
BankawiBeverley05:20 PM16.00-3.00-2.0069.23%76.92%46.15%52.33%184.95%
Highlight Reel (IRE)Beverley05:20 PM12.000.00-1.0038.46%23.08%69.23%-7.38%173.66%
Kylie RulesBeverley05:20 PM5.00-1.00-32.0076.92%84.62%92.31%7.91%171.38%
Tenth CenturyBeverley05:20 PM8.00-1.00-1.0061.54%92.31%53.85%32.87%163.00%
Tanasoq (IRE)Hamilton01:50 PM12.00-2.0016.67%16.67%66.67%7.91%189.14%
Shark Two OneHamilton02:50 PM6.000.0062.50%37.50%100.00%108.14%135.01%
Wheres JeffHamilton03:20 PM4.00-2.00100.00%42.86%85.71%40.42%169.12%
Dandys Angel (IRE)Hamilton04:25 PM20.00-2.0027.27%90.91%45.45%-23.29%152.75%
Star Of St James (GER)Hamilton04:25 PM12.00-2.0063.64%45.45%72.73%65.49%70.32%
Birds Of Prey (IRE)Newton Abbot03:30 PM4.000.0066.67%100.00%66.67%10.60%175.75%
Adrien Du Pont (FR)Newton Abbot04:00 PM1.63-1.0050.00%50.00%75.00%31.47%61.29%
Ecu De La Noverie (FR)Newton Abbot04:00 PM2.75-4.0075.00%87.50%87.50%50.56%116.20%
High SecurityRipon06:25 PM4.00-1.00100.00%75.00%100.00%41.44%89.17%
Dapper Man (IRE)Ripon06:25 PM8.00-3.0025.00%100.00%75.00%-12.04%91.02%

Going is Good List

These horses all have at least a 20% win rate on today’s ground.

Course & Distance Winners List

These horses all have at least 2 Course & Distance wins over today’s trip / track.

The Lay List

Horses that are forecast to be below 4/1, with a weight penalty or above last winning weight, with additional reasons not to back them (poor jockey rating, poor suitability, etc.)

Stanley SnugfitBeverley01:40 PM2.00117
Sizing CusimanoNewton Abbot02:00 PM3.00412
Ballygoe (IRE)Newton Abbot02:30 PM4.0035
Arizona GloryNewton Abbot03:00 PM1.38120
Imperial Joe (IRE)Newton Abbot03:00 PM4.0022
Passing SecretsNewton Abbot03:00 PM3.0044
Mourzouk (IRE)Newton Abbot03:30 PM3.00116
Guernesey (FR)Newton Abbot03:30 PM3.00213
Alpine Sierra (IRE)Hamilton03:50 PM3.5039
Carter Cowboy (IRE)Hamilton03:50 PM3.33610
Lets Have Another (IRE)Warwick06:05 PM1.25118
Ultimate Getaway (IRE)Warwick06:35 PM1.00115
Scotch MistressRipon06:55 PM2.75114
Evas Diva (IRE)Warwick07:05 PM2.7536
The Bosses Oscar (IRE)Wexford07:15 PM1.25319
At Liberty (IRE)Ripon07:25 PM4.5057
Gulliver Collonges (FR)Warwick07:35 PM3.0058
Journey West (IRE)Wexford07:45 PM1.63211
PersistRipon08:00 PM3.0041
BannedRipon08:00 PM4.0063

Reasons To Back / Lay

Purely experimental, a count-up of the number of reasons to back a horse vs reasons to lay a horse (back reasons: overall rating, form, jockey, yard, breeding, going record, weight, C&D record, progression, RTH Propensity algorithm, High strike rate… lay reasons: out of form, weight rise, poor jockey ratings, regressive, not suited, above last winning weight)