How to use the ratings

Spreadsheet and Online data access

We’ve prepared the spreadsheet for you already. You’ll get the full data, as well as tabs for Top rated, best-bred 2-year-olds, and fastest sprinters, already sorted for you. You’ll also get each race on a separate tab, with all the ratings data ready for you to sort.

Download the sample, and use our quick guide below.

RTH Selections

RTH Selections are algorithmically chosen – it’s usually top-rated (of course), but when races are shorter, speed becomes more of a factor than in longer races. On tracks where trainer ratings do well, trainer ratings become more of a factor. But we also have lots of other ways to read the ratings:

  • Star confidence – our best strike rates come with **** and ***** confidence: this can be found in the spreadsheet and on the PDF.
  • TFS – Top + Form + Suited is a combination that has a much higher strike rate than ratings alone.
  • Best Bets: found on the Best Bets page on the drop-down, our algorithmically-chosen ‘best bets’ of the day.
  • Ranked Selections: all of our RTH Selections, ranked according to the number of individual ratings they top, the number of systems and statistics where the horse appears.

Systems & Trends

Subscribers also get 100 different systems to follow, as well as top statistics such as jockey/trainer strike rate, horse/track strike rate, horse/direction strike rate, etc.

You can find all of these in the drop-down navigation.

  • Systems can be sorted according to profitability (for win & place)
  • All this data can be exported to PDF or Excel
  • We regularly update our systems if they are no longer working

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Now let’s play with the data

Let’s play with the Main tab of your excel spreadsheet, because that contains all of our data. Here are some quick and easy ways of manipulating our ratings & finding your winners.


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Filtering by best performance

Who ran best last time out? You can tell

  • Go to the Main tab, which has all the horses in all races
  • Go to column O (Last Race)
  • Hit the down arrow on the column header
  • Select “Descending” in the pop-up box to show best to worst
  • Select “Ascending” in the pop-up box to show worst to best

You can repeat this for 2nd last race, 3rd last race, etc.

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Top rated, best suited

We’ve automatically pulled out the top-rated horses for you. The top-rated calculation is the sum of all ratings – but the ‘Today’ rating is a complicated calculation that takes into account suitability for the race – i.e. track record, going, etc.

So let’s find our very best chances for today by filtering for the top-rated horses with the best ‘Today’ rating.

  • Go to the “TopRated” tab
  • Go across to column “AG” (Today)
  • Hit the down arrow to filter the data
  • Select “Descending” to filter by best chance
  • To exclude all horses with a Today rating of less than three, in the filter section, choose the “Greater Than” dropdown, and input the number 3 in the text box next to it

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Fastest Horses over 5 furlongs

These sprint races are over in the blink of an eye. So you need a fast horse. We’ve already pulled out races between 5 furlongs and 1 mile into the “Sprints” tab, so let’s go there and play with the data.

  • Restrict to 5 furlongs by going to column D
  • Hit the down arrow and deselect “Select all”
  • Now tick the 5f box
  • You’ll now only have races over 5 furlongs
  • You can further improve your chances by restricting the going
  • Go to column G and hit the down arrow
  • Untick “Select all” and select “Good to firm”
  • Now move over to column W and hit the down arrow
  • Hit “Descending” to show the fastest horses in order

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Excel tips

Here’s a few tips on how to manipulate the data in Excel. Within no time, you’re going to be an Excel expert.

  • The data in the main tab will always show the horse name (column A) because we have ‘frozen’ that column. You can unfreeze it by going to ‘Window’ and selecting ‘Unfreeze panes’.
  • If you always want to see the first 3 columns, for example, just click on  the cell D2, go to ‘Window’ and select ‘Freeze panes’.
  • When data is filtered, you won’t see all of it. You’ll know a column is filtered because it will look different from the others. Just hit the down arrow and remove the filter by selecting ALL in the pop-up box.
  • Play with your filters – for instance, you can select all races with a prize value of between 5000 and 10,000 in the pop-up box (as displayed)

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Ready to get to work?