Data, Systems… or both?

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Which package is for me?

When I created RateThatHorse, it was originally just for data nerds (like me). And while us data nerds do still enjoy RateThatHorse (immensely), many punters just want some selections to start their day with. So that’s why we now have two separate packages (and a third which is both…) – DATA and SYSTEMS.

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If you like playing with data – and manipulating excel spreadsheets, then our Data package is perfect. You’ll get our comprehensive daily ratings every evening before the race day, as well as online access to the ratings on race day itself, with detailed form and speed analysis.

This package is perfect if you like to make your own selections from a set of ratings.

  • Excel ratings spreadsheet
  • Selections PDF
  • Detailed PDF
  • One-page Summary PDF
  • Daily ‘best bets’
  • Online ratings
  • Form Analysis
  • Speed Analysis
  • Stallion Analysis
  • Ranked Selection Analysis
  • Top Statistics
  • Progressive Horses
  • … and our daily email
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Every day, our systems give you selections from the whole racecard, using a methodology applied across the whole of our three-year database. Our v1 systems are still available (there are 100), but our v2 systems are built using the database and the daily ratings. You’ll get anything between 3 and 25 selections every day, with analysis of each horse.

  • JOSUITRANH – a National Hunt system that can reach a 65% strike rate
  • SPEJOTRA – a speed-based system that can reach 40%
  • JOTRASU2.5 – searches for well-trained & well-saddled horses at 2.5 or greater. Good for placing.
  • SUITPLACE – a high-price, high-suitability system which aims to find place bets. Can reach 50% place strike rate.
  • AWSYS – a combination of experimental all-weather systems (beta).
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Or why not try both?

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