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We run around 100 different horse racing systems – some of them are best for jump racing, some of them for flat – some of them for both.

We’ve got systems for specific tracks, we’ve got systems that pair up trainers with jockeys and find opportunities with those combinations, and we’ve got systems for months of the year. All of our systems have been tracked back over time to find profitability.

A lot of our systems have a lot of inherent complexity – for instance, there may be ten to fifteen different criteria, which mean that you will not get a tip from a system every day – or even every week. Some systems produce only one runner every six months. However, looking back over the years, they’re closer to 100% than any other.

Others are more regular, while others have criteria that hunt for value.

They’re all given relatively logical names so that you can work out the main criteria behind the system.

However – as with all systems – you need to look at the long term. There are good runs, and bad runs, so we’ve pulled through the data from our last 160 races to show you the win rates for each system, and the profitability. You can sort the data as much as you like.

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Here’s how they’ve been performing:

PLACE CHANCE 30%12216.666718541.6667
Everyone On Form974647.422715.126567.0103
Place 70% chance35144012.792365.7143
60% win chance Stallion/Train543259.259311.313768.5185
NH Stallion 5-6 Favs513262.74518.783670.5882
Haggas 50%w11654.54558.17981.8182
OR+6 40% wr3015507.852273.3333
Bred to win168507.471275
Boinville & Henderson84506.23450
Long odds 1 in 53133.33336133.3333
Stoute 42%w 68%p53605.8480
Appleby Absolute Favs86755.45787.5
Flat Handicap System371437.83785.212259.4595
Big Race Profit Finder84505.01450
Fakenham 43%105504.08770
MJohnston RightHand GoodFirm328253.811134.375
DUBAWI ALERT43753.73375
47% trainer/jockey351851.42863.442365.7143
Silvestre de Sousa13538.46153.13753.8462
All Weather Handicap 35%21733.333331257.1429
EW Value Experienced7228.57142.83457.1429
Long Odds Value EW24416.66672.5833.3333
Midweek AW Handicaps6233.33332.33350
Saeed 3-year-old Maidens42502.13250
Stallion ALERT331648.48481.572163.6364
Long odds 30%w 108prof42614.28571.52047.619
GALILEO ALERT 78%3266.66671.4266.6667
Dr Newland\'s Top Jocks123251.23541.6667
DecJan TrainerTrack Chase13538.46151.07969.2308
Southwell 43%21500.75150
Others are shit system422559.52380.543583.3333
1m4f specialists19736.84210.041157.8947
Johnson Longsden481122.9167-0.53062.5
Chase 7-9yo 40%19842.1053-0.511052.6316
Prescott 60% win rate4250-0.69375
Worcester Winners3133.3333-0.75266.6667
Novices 50% rate331339.3939-0.782163.6364
Halford Curragh 60% profit100-100
DecJan 32% 100Prof622337.0968-1.224674.1935
New jockey 53%w11545.4545-1.33872.7273
MEGA Maidens12758.3333-1.43975
Elsworth Profit200-200
Chase 45% shot14428.5714-2.08535.7143
Summer Sub £4k Strike Rate7342.8571-2.2571.4286
3+Form 52%w231147.8261-2.31982.6087
Mullins Jockeys 62%181055.5556-2.331477.7778
Winter NH Winners 40%301343.3333-2.572480
Harding Richards 45% system9222.2222-2.67222.2222
Godolphin Maidens12433.3333-2.71758.3333
Kirby & Appleby300-300
Henderson 60% win rate221045.4545-3.031463.6364
50% win chance NAP562544.6429-3.163766.0714
Appleby Buick11218.1818-3.4545.4545
Has Won 45% shot21628.5714-4.751152.381
2 to 7 Form Horse663146.9697-4.885075.7576
Sea The Stars Progeny13430.7692-4.91753.8462
Flat Non-Handicap System472144.6809-4.983676.5957
46% Track Chance321031.25-5.231856.25
Cox\'s Only Runner7114.2857-5.27228.5714
Jefferson Hughes19526.3158-5.341052.6316
4 good races 40%763039.4737-5.55471.0526
Catterick Crackers7114.2857-5.56228.5714
Profitable Trainer Form11218.1818-6.25654.5455
October 5-6yo Hurdlers16531.25-6.31062.5
Maidens & Novices 50%291137.931-6.732379.3103
2nd 3rd fav 55%pl631625.3968-6.833149.2063
Gosden 78% place chance Maiden18738.8889-6.851055.5556
Form 55% winner271244.4444-7.222177.7778
Willie\'s 60% win strike301446.6667-7.381963.3333
Maiden 50% win system522548.0769-7.614382.6923
Fav 51% chance13215.3846-8.31646.1538
Non-favs RARE900-9444.4444
New Trainer High Profit46715.2174-9.451941.3043
Harry Fry 45% shot30826.6667-9.491756.6667
2yo 2nd racers571729.8246-10.383357.8947
Never Won 50% shot19526.3158-10.491684.2105
Maiden Profits 201628828.5714-111967.8571
Maiden Headgear&Jockey391025.641-12.952564.1026
48% Profit Plan511631.3725-13.563262.7451
Mullins the Jockey1600-16743.75
Long Odds Each Way 58%2314.3478-181252.1739
Now Is The Time! 52%w44920.4545-26.222659.0909
Non-favs LESS RARE3113.2258-271445.1613
Miss O\'Brien for Aiden0
Hannons 2yo0
Cartmel underrated0
Gosden Goes to Ascot in May0
Godolphin 60% each way0
Halford Curragh 60% profit0
Never Won 50% shot0
Has Won 45% shot0
Gosden\'s Autumn Nags0
Cameron & Johnson0
Cartmel underrated0