Our Strike Rates

Our Selections – By Confidence

We attribute a star-rating to all of our RTH Selections. The five-star selections are high-confidence and high strike rate, and are the ones we would often attribute a NAP to. You don’t get a five-star selection every day, but when you do, expect 1 in every 2 to win.

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Non-handicap Strike Rates

We naturally expect to do better in non-handicaps – with a level playing field, ratings tend to mean more. Here are our strike rates for non-handicaps, broken down into each individual rating, and the prize money on offer.

Yesterday's Selections
1350 Haydock13:50:00Archipeligo£5.008.94%
1400 Goodwood14:00:00Tisneverending (IRE)£2.756.65%
1410 Bath14:10:00Upavon£2.503.83%
1420 Haydock14:20:00Axel Jacklin£5.0014.19%
1435 Goodwood14:35:00Portledge (IRE)£6.507.25%
1445 Bath14:45:00Country Rose (IRE)£6.507.34%
1455 Haydock14:55:00Porchy Party (IRE)£7.001.03%
1510 Goodwood15:10:00Odyssa (IRE)£10.001.45%
1520 Bath15:20:00Storm Jazz (IRE)£12.0023.74%
1530 Haydock15:30:00Feline Groovy (USA)£5.5019.14%
1545 Goodwood15:45:00Bombyx£4.504.11%
1555 Bath15:55:00Ynys Mon (IRE)£50.0011.02%
1605 Haydock16:05:00Improve (IRE)£6.0033.99%
1620 Goodwood16:20:00Sparkalot£5.007.01%
1630 Bath16:30:00Napping£10.0016.26%
1640 Haydock16:40:00Bacacarat (IRE)£7.001.87%
1655 Goodwood16:55:00Gavlar£3.503.86%
1705 Bath17:05:00Belledesert£3.5019.96%
1715 Haydock17:15:00Dashing Poet£6.005.98%
1720 Leopardstown17:20:00Eagle Song (IRE)£16.0032.76%
1725 Goodwood17:25:00Haylah (IRE)£5.0013.84%
1730 Down Royal17:30:00State Of Nirvana (IRE)£12.0021.46%
1735 Bath17:35:00King Oswald (USA)£5.0020.79%
1740 Worcester17:40:00Kit Barry (IRE)£7.003.59%
1745 Haydock17:45:00Spice War£6.0012.72%
1755 Leopardstown17:55:00Prosecution£10.004.35%
1805 Down Royal18:05:00Konig Hall£7.5027.01%
1815 Worcester18:15:00Robin The Raven (IRE)£2.256.59%
1825 Leopardstown18:25:00Havana Go£10.0017.57%
1830 Pontefract18:30:00Zeshov (IRE)£12.003.43%
1835 Down Royal18:35:00Hide The Biscuit (IRE)£25.003.81%
1845 Worcester18:45:00Conna Cross (IRE)£10.0012.88%
1855 Leopardstown18:55:00Masalai (IRE)£7.0013.50%
1900 Pontefract19:00:00New Society (IRE)£5.5011.93%
1905 Down Royal19:05:00Full Cry (IRE)£7.5038.01%
1915 Worcester19:15:00Whitley Neill (IRE)£6.0012.72%
1925 Leopardstown19:25:00Renneti (FR)£12.0035.76%
1930 Pontefract19:30:00Ninetythreetwenty (IRE)£3.5010.24%
1935 Down Royal7:35:00 PMLean And Keen (IRE)£2.0024.02%
1945 Worcester7:45:00 PMStradivarius Davis (FR)£7.508.56%
1955 Leopardstown19:55:00Getgo£10.0019.22%
2000 Pontefract20:00:00Bosham£8.004.72%
2005 Down Royal20:05:00Jack Slade (IRE)£5.5013.89%
2015 Worcester20:15:00Dukes Affair£16.0014.59%
2025 Leopardstown20:25:00For Pleasure (IRE)£5.5025.07%
2030 Pontefract20:30:00Shes Queen (IRE)£8.0027.78%
2035 Down Royal20:35:00Desir Du Large (FR)£3.501.43%
2045 Worcester20:45:00Marvellous Monty (IRE)£6.5022.11%
2055 Leopardstown20:55:00Beach Wedding (IRE)£6.007.75%
2100 Pontefract21:00:00Breaking Records (IRE)£6.0014.45%

Handicap Strike Rates

In handicaps, we often find that specific types of rating do better than others, for instance the trainer rating or the jockey rating, but that depends on the prize money on offer.

Yesterday's Selections
1350 HaydockHaydock£7.00Mac Opolo (IRE)£3.50
1400 GoodwoodGoodwood£5.00Swiss Chime£25.00
1410 BathBath£4.00Jashma (IRE)£3.33
1420 HaydockHaydock£10.00Minas Gerais (IRE)£2.75
1435 GoodwoodGoodwood£4.50Dourado (IRE)£4.00
1445 BathBath£1.50Adventurous Girl£1.50
1455 HaydockHaydock£4.50Kalagia (IRE)£8.00
1510 GoodwoodGoodwood£4.00No More Thrills£8.00
1520 BathBath£2.00Frozen Bere (FR)£2.00
1530 HaydockHaydock£2.00Orsera (IRE)£2.00
1545 GoodwoodGoodwood£2.25Main Street£2.25
1555 BathBath£3.00Lamma Island£0.91
1605 HaydockHaydock£2.00Black Lotus£2.00
1620 GoodwoodGoodwood£2.00Pettochside£2.00
1630 BathBath£4.00Nora Batt (IRE)£3.50
1640 HaydockHaydock£5.50No Im Easy (IRE)£5.50
1655 GoodwoodGoodwood£4.50Uber Cool (IRE)£3.50
1705 BathBath£2.00Midnightly£2.00
1715 HaydockHaydock£8.00Little Miss Kodi (IRE)£8.00
1720 LeopardstownLeopardstown£3.50Andaleep (IRE)£3.50
1725 GoodwoodGoodwood£4.00Maygold£4.00
1730 Down RoyalDown Royal£3.33Brex Drago (ITY)£3.33
1735 BathBath£1.38Aye Aye Skipper (IRE)£1.38
1740 WorcesterWorcester£2.75Master Sunrise (IRE)£5.00
1745 HaydockHaydock£5.00Chantresse (IRE)£5.00
1755 LeopardstownLeopardstown£8.00Casimiro (IRE)£4.50
1805 Down RoyalDown Royal£3.50Misty Millie (IRE)£3.50
1815 WorcesterWorcester£2.25The Eaglehaslanded (IRE)£1.75
1825 LeopardstownLeopardstown£8.00Proud And Elated (FR)£7.00
1830 PontefractPontefract£4.00Planetaria (IRE)£4.00
1835 Down RoyalDown Royal£2.50Oromo (IRE)£2.50
1845 WorcesterWorcester£2.75Casino Markets (IRE)£4.50
1855 LeopardstownLeopardstown£0.00Red Avenger (USA)£0.00
1900 PontefractPontefract£3.00Alfred Richardson£1.38
1905 Down RoyalDown Royal£5.50Lasoscar (IRE)£5.50
1915 WorcesterWorcester£2.50Commodore Barry (IRE)£4.00
1925 LeopardstownLeopardstown£0.18Detailed (IRE)£0.18
1930 PontefractPontefract£2.25Victory Command (IRE)£2.25
1935 Down RoyalDown Royal£3.00Oathkeeper (IRE)£3.00
1945 WorcesterWorcester£2.00Mance Rayder (IRE)£1.88
1955 LeopardstownLeopardstown£5.00Kuraka£5.00
2000 PontefractPontefract£3.50Tavener£7.00
2005 Down RoyalDown Royal£10.00Bosco Di Alco (FR)£2.25
2015 WorcesterWorcester£4.50Tir Dubh (IRE)£4.50
2025 LeopardstownLeopardstown£3.50Rince Deireanach (IRE)£3.50
2030 PontefractPontefract£2.50Shes Pukka£2.50
2035 Down RoyalDown Royal£8.00Moratorium (IRE)£3.50
2045 WorcesterWorcester£3.00Undisputed (IRE)£3.00
2055 LeopardstownLeopardstown£4.00Ringside Humour (IRE)£7.00
2100 PontefractPontefract£0.73Begging Bowl£0.73