A ratings system that finds winners

Think horse racing is random? You're partly right. But we've got the numbers to show you can find value and make a profit. It's unique, and it's been honed over the years.

How are our ratings different?

You can get access to TimeForm and TopSpeed data, but so can everyone else. We’ve created a ratings system with different weightings. Using our spreadsheet, you can filter the data just how you like it. Fastest horses in 5f races? Check. Horses best suited to today? Check. Our top picks? Check.

PLUS you get access to 100 systems, daily picks and daily trends selections.

What’s the proof?

1 in 4 of our top-rated horses is a winner. That’s a statistic that holds true most of the time. Top-rated horses fluctuate between 24% and 28% of winners over the space of 750 races. Our top 3 represent over 50% of the winners, while our top-rated horses have a 1 in 2 place rate.

What’s more, you’ll find much better value by picking horses from our data. Take a look at the results from our last 750 races, and why not download a sample spreadsheet so you can play around with some historic data?

Who are we anyway?

Data nerds & horse racing enthusiasts. We don’t spend our days at the yard or the race track – we spend our days deep in data. We live by the numbers, because we know that there are patterns in racing that can help you earn money.

Top-rated winners

Top-rated places

Top-3 winners

What we rate

The data makes all the difference. Here’s what we analyse, and why.

Last races

Weighted towards most recent, we score their performance according to grade, opposition, conditions & placing.

Last races

Weighted towards most recent, we score their performance according to grade, opposition, conditions & placing.


The hardest thing to rate, but recent speed, as well as track & going speed, are hugely important factors.


How suited is the horse to today’s race? Distance, going, track, and more, all contribute to this score.


A very small weighting towards the jockey – but an important one nonetheless. In form? Higher score.


Trainer in form? You’ll know with our trainer score – weighted towards recent form & track record.

Your daily extras

Ratings are great – but you get more for your money with us. Here’s what you get…


We run 100 different horse racing systems, each one honed for specific race types or situations. You can sort through them, pick the most profitable, and place your money.

Daily Picks

Every day, we’ll give you our top 10 picks based on our ratings, trends and systems. For those who just want to get down to the best of the best, the top 10 does all you need.

Daily Trends

Want to know what the statistics say? Our trends give you daily picks – for example, find out where trainers have a great record, where horses do best, and back the stats.