About RateThatHorse

Hello. This is RateThatHorse, and we offer horse ratings.

Well, there’s that… and there’s more.

Daily Ratings Spreadsheet

Every day you can download our ratings spreadsheet, which has our core data for the day. Within that spreadsheet, you’ll see:

  • Our Selections Tab – all of the top-rated horses and our RTH Selections
  • A tab for every race, with all of the numbers
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Daily Racecards

We have a racecard for every race that includes the key data and statistics you need for each race:

  • Last three races
  • Speed, jockey, trainer & stallion ratings
  • Suitability ratings & Statistics
  • Our RTH Selection and any system selections
  • Our strike rates for each rating on the track

Live Data

We’ve also arranged our data so that you can analyse horses in many different ways:

  • Form Analysis – what do the form numbers really mean?
  • Stallion Analysis – for 2-year-old racers only, who are the best-bred and best-connected 2-year-olds
  • Quick views of all of the top-three horses with filters

Our Selections

What’s more, we’ll give you daily selections.

Our Strong Selections page is our first port of call – we have combined a number of different algorithms to collate a list of horses that can act as your starting point. We use a star system to pick out the best of these selections.

On top of this, you can use our systems to find your own selections:

  • Reasons to back – use our filters to find horses with the most ‘reasons to back’ or ‘reasons to lay’
  • Rankscore – a new metric we’ve created to find horses who are well-rated all-round. The top possible score is 9 – so if you can find a horse rated better than 7, you’re doing well.
  • Statto – an experimental page with our statistics pulled into the same view as rankscore and form, with filters so you can find horses with a good record over distance, class, C&D, track, etc.