About RateThatHorse

Hello. This is RateThatHorse, and we offer horse ratings.

It’s as simple as that. Except it’s not. So, we offer your daily excel spreadsheet download, and this has all of our ratings in it – you’ll get the last ten races, rated for form. You’ll get a speed rating, as well as ratings for the horse’s jockey, trainer and stallion, as well as a ‘suitability’ rating which indicates how suited the horse is to today’s race.

All of that adds up to a ‘total’ rating, which is how we rank our horses.

You can also view the ratings through our Combined Data tool, which is available on the website under the ‘Data’ tab. It’s quite cool because it gives you a star rating instead of a number, and you can filter the horses according to how many stars the horse has. It’s a bit more simple, and allows you to filter down the massive list of horses running.

On top of that, we offer some little extras. There’s the top statistics of the day – so you can see all kinds of stats such as which horse has the highest win rate at the track, or which jockey/trainer combination is running at the highest strike rate.

Then there’s our systems. We’ve created our own systems based on the ratings, and they form the basis of our daily selections. You may be interested in horses that rank well for Jockey, Trainer and Suitability, but won’t come in at odds of 1/5. Well, we’ve created that with JOTRASU2.5 for instance. SPEJOTRA is all about speed, jockey & trainer ratings being high. And so on.

RateThatHorse is all about helping you make the right selections. We’re constantly looking at new ways of finding profitable systems and methods for you – and I’m always here if you want me to build something bespoke for you. There is a tonne of data out there – I’m just here to make it make sense.

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