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Introduction to RateThatHorse

Last 7 / 30 days

RTH Stake Plan*

RTH Stake Plan
Last 7 days-£24.10
Last 30 days£114.34

* £1 to win below 4/1, £1 each way above 4/1

Last 7 / 30 days

RTH Win rates

Average win rate
Last 7 days30.88%
Last 30 days30.48%

Last 7 / 30 days

Top 3 win rates

Top 3 win rate
Last 7 days64.33%
Last 30 days63.84%

Last 7 / 30 days

Lay rates*

Lay rate
Last 7 days91.07%
Last 30 days85.50%

* Losing strike rate for lay selections

Yesterday’s Results

Win rate
Place rate
RTH £1 to win
£1 e/w RTH
RTH Stake Plan
£1 Top Rated
Lay Lose Rate

Our strike rates

Yesterday's Selections
1335 Market RasenMarket Rasen13:35:00Stole The Show (IRE)
1350 NewburyNewbury13:50:00Emirates Flyer
1355 CartmelCartmel13:55:00Mac Tottie
1405 Market RasenMarket Rasen14:05:00Fair Mountain (GER)
1415 Newmarket (July)Newmarket (July)14:15:00Liberatrix (IRE)
1420 RiponRipon14:20:00The Big Bad (IRE)
1425 NewburyNewbury14:25:00Almoghared (IRE)
1430 CartmelCartmel14:30:00Wells De Lune (FR)
1435 CurraghCurragh14:35:00Guaranteed (IRE)
1440 Market RasenMarket Rasen14:40:00Red Ochre
1445 Newmarket (July)Newmarket (July)14:45:00Alwaysandforever (IRE)
1455 RiponRipon14:55:00Eljayeff (IRE)
1500 NewburyNewbury15:00:00Invincible Army (IRE)
1505 CartmelCartmel15:05:00Volcanic (FR)
1510 CurraghCurragh15:10:00Mayaadeen (IRE)
1515 Market RasenMarket Rasen15:15:00Calett Mad (FR)
1525 Newmarket (July)Newmarket (July)15:25:00Mr Wagyu (IRE)
1530 RiponRipon15:30:00Mikmak
1535 NewburyNewbury15:35:00Little Kim
1540 CartmelCartmel15:40:00Eric The Third (IRE)
1545 CurraghCurragh15:45:00Ice Age (IRE)
1550 Market RasenMarket Rasen15:50:00Voodoo Doll (IRE)
1600 Newmarket (July)Newmarket (July)16:00:00Ripp Orf (IRE)
1605 RiponRipon16:05:00Aasheq (IRE)
1610 NewburyNewbury16:10:00Indian Sounds (IRE)
1615 CartmelCartmel16:15:00Sleep In First (FR)
1620 CurraghCurragh16:20:00Maries Diamond (IRE)
1625 Market RasenMarket Rasen16:25:00Whoshotwho (IRE)
1635 Newmarket (July)Newmarket (July)16:35:00Brexit Time (IRE)
1640 RiponRipon16:40:00Acrux
1645 NewburyNewbury16:45:00Homeopathic
1650 CartmelCartmel16:50:00Damiens Dilemma (IRE)
1655 CurraghCurragh16:55:00So Beloved
1700 Market RasenMarket Rasen17:00:00Atlantic Storm (IRE)
1710 Newmarket (July)Newmarket (July)17:10:00Rogue
1715 RiponRipon17:15:00Ad Libitum
1720 NewburyNewbury17:20:00Lake Volta (IRE)
1725 CartmelCartmel17:25:00Secret Escape (IRE)
1730 CurraghCurragh5:30:00 PMForever Together (IRE)
1740 Newmarket (July)Newmarket (July)5:40:00 PMDanceteria (FR)
1745 LingfieldLingfield17:45:00Ashazuri
1750 RiponRipon17:50:00Polyphony (IRE)
1800 HaydockHaydock18:00:00Humbolt Current
1805 CurraghCurragh18:05:00Minnie Dahill (IRE)
1815 LingfieldLingfield18:15:00Deep Sea (JPN)
1830 HaydockHaydock18:30:00Great Scot
1840 CurraghCurragh18:40:00Winner Takes Itall (FR)
1845 LingfieldLingfield18:45:00Dinsdale
1900 HaydockHaydock19:00:00Salateen
1915 LingfieldLingfield19:15:00Oeil De Tigre (FR)
1930 HaydockHaydock19:30:00Berlusca (IRE)
1945 LingfieldLingfield19:45:00Society Shock (IRE)
2000 HaydockHaydock20:00:00Ingleby Hollow
2015 LingfieldLingfield20:15:00Nakakande (IRE)
2030 HaydockHaydock20:30:00Flying Foxy
2045 LingfieldLingfield20:45:00Dear Bruin (IRE)

Using our Horse Race Ratings

The best way to use our data is to get your hands dirty and look at the numbers themselves. Sometimes, a selection could come from the trainer ratings, if you feel the numbers are high enough…

Find Value in Horse Ratings

We all know the official horse racing ratings. Which is why they don’t offer much value.

That’s why, several years ago, we started making our own. We’re data people, first and foremost. We play the numbers. We rely on the numbers.

Our ratings average out over the years at a 28% win rate for the top-rated horse, 15% for the second-rated, and 12% for the third-rated. Just by backing the top-rated horse, we have stayed in profit.

Join today, and you’ll get access to our workings. You’ll need Microsoft Excel, and a basic knowledge of how to use Excel. Check out our guide to help you use the spreadsheet.

RateThatHorse is perfect for those who want to find their own winners. Yes, you can use our selections as a guide, but when you’ve done the hard work and you’ve found that 3rd-rated winner who topped the stallion ratings in a maiden, you know you’re the one who’s put the work in.

Get more out of Rate That Horse

Horse Ratings are a great way of reading the form. They give you an overview of the horses in each race, with a breakdown of the figures that make up the final rating.

You can download the spreadsheet and get the full data set, or you can access the data online. We’ve also got the day’s top statistics as well, so if there’s a trend to back up your research, we’ll have it.

We’ve got guides on how to use the data, and we publish blog posts with helpful hints on how to find value – because that’s all we’re after: value bets!

What’s more – you’ll get access to all 100 of our systems. Find the most profitable ones, and cross-reference with our daily trends picks and our top 10 bets of the day – all part of your package.

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