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Horse Ratings – Form Guides, Spreadsheets & Selections

Welcome to RateThatHorse – where we offer horse ratings, systems, selections, racecards and tools so that you can get a headstart on picking your winners for the day. We’ve recently updated our daily horse ratings racecards, so make sure you have a look at the video which shows you how to use them, and check out some old racecards because they’re ALL open to the public – only the current day’s racecards are hidden for members only. So take a free 14-day trial, have a look at racecards from the past, and start betting better today.

How to use our horse ratings

RateThatHorse is a unique service – we offer daily horse racing ratings through our spreadsheet and PDF downloads, but we also crunch that data with statistics and machine learning so that we can give you more than just ratings – we give you a head start.

For example – using RateThatHorse, you can do the following:

  • Mine the data from ALL racecards to find horses that have strong jockey ratings AND strong form ratings
  • Find horses whose forecast odds are above 5/1, but who are well-suited to today’s conditions
  • Discover horses who are well-rated, and who are running off a weight that is lower than its previous win
  • Find horses who have progressed in form ratings, but also have a good C&D record, without being penalised by the handicapper
  • Create your own method for finding horses that are under or over-valued by the market

Our horse ratings are so extensive, we know that data can be overwhelming – which is why we offer the personal touch. If you sign up for monthly or annual membership, we can build a ‘quick reference’ table for you and give you a dedicated, personal webpage where you can quickly access the data you want, pre-filtered.

We also have horse ratings systems that are based on our machine learning algorithm which works in the background. They have proved to be profitable over the long term, and we are constantly looking at how the algorithm works, and new angles for punters who want to be more judicious with their selections.

And finally – our racecards show our ratings for every race, and you can sort them while looking at system picks, statistics and even our historic record at each course. They’re easy to use while being comprehensive.

So if you’re looking for a service that gives you a little bit more… well, we give you a tonne more. Sign up for your free trial today, and test it out!

A sample of what you get every day:

  • Spreadsheet with summary page, race-by-race data & one-sheet database
  • Daily racecards for every race
  • System selections, every day
  • Strong & Place Selections, every day
  • Tools for finding selections, e.g. Rank Chooser, Mark Your Card
  • Analysis pages – e.g. Form Analysis, Speed Analysis, Stallion Analysis
  • Exclusive Stallion Ratings for the juveniles flat season
  • … and a daily email with my picks for the day